Kayak tours from Henningsvær.

Winter kayak

Yes, yes, yes, there is no problem to kayak with us during winter in Henningsvær. We use special clothing to keep you warm, we have drysuits and special winter gloves for you.
We start the kayak season in March, so come and paddle in Lofoten’s most famous harbor, which used to be the more crowded fishing village in Europe!
We will tell you local stories and troll tales about Vågakallen.

Tour is 3 hours, we start everyday at 10 am.

No previous experience needed.

Price: 750.- NOK or 75.- Euros, all equipment included

Summer Kayak

No doubt the Henningsvaer is one of the pearl of Lofoten, come and escape with us from the crowds and discover the hidden part of the town,
kayak into untouched nature and listen to our local stories and troll tales from Vågakallen.

No previous experience required.

Tour is 3 hours, we have tours every day at 10 am and 5 pm.

Price: 750.- NOK or 75 Euros

Midnightsun Kayak

From the end of June until the end of July we can take you kayaking in the evening to enjoy a
unique phenomenon that only happens in the arctic region.

Check our photos, no more words needed

Price: 800.- NOK eller 80.- Euro, all equipment included.


Kayak tours in  Henningsvær are operated by Kayaklofoten og Henningsvær Adventure.

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